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UNCOMMON: Your one stop haven for all things luxury streetwear. UNCOMMON brings you the brands and lifestyle you love, right to your fingertips. Shop the latest in fashion, sneakers and accessories, from both local and international designers on UNCOMMON. Our pieces are a reflection of our brand, unique, exclusive and uncommon, allowing you to stand out.


Shipping all around the Middle East and internationally, our app allows you to level up your wardrobe and explore new brands which would never have crossed your radar. Shop legendary collaborations, celebrity drops and exclusive designer pieces and collections unavailable anywhere else.

Discover and shop designers such as RHUDE, 032c, Saintwoods, Raf Simons (Runners), PLEASURES, and more.The brands you love are just a few taps away!


Not that you need them, but here are six reasons this is your new favourite app:


- Access to the latest UNCOMMON drops, right at your fingertips.
- Be the first to be notified of hot releases with push notifications.
- Save items for later.
- Support local designers stepping into the scene.
- Notifications to let you know when your favourite items are selling out.
- Seamless shopping experience, everything you need from product discovery to easy checkout is just one tap away.
- Various country settings relative to Middle East.


Dedicated to bringing to light the creative community in Kuwait.UNCOMMON, bridges the gap between creatives and fashion enthusiasts. With an extensive array of artisan clothing pieces and noteworthy sneaker collection, we aim to create a story with the pieces we sell. As curators of taste, the UNCOMMON tribe don’t follow trends, we create them. Download our free app to join the movement!